The Future Matters

Arctic Circle Leads the Industry With Innovative Solutions

Our challenge is to design and build heat transfer systems that have minimal environmental impact yet deliver for our customers.

Through pioneering research and innovative thinking, we design and manufacture products which consume less energy and have lower CO₂ emissions.

Our unique, creative approach to engineering challenges enables our commitment to raising standards within the industry sector. There is always another way to do things, we just haven’t thought of it yet.

This philosophy sets a benchmark by which all future innovation is measured.

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Natural Refrigerant Technology Centre

Developing Emerging Technologies

The NRTC or Natural Refrigerants Technology Centre is an in-house test facility which allows us to assess the true seasonal energy consumption data recorded for our heat transfer systems. This includes data for CO₂ and hydrocarbon refrigerants while lending itself as a means of developing novel technologies in heat transfer. By examining the data produced in the NRTC we can develop and optimise systems that reduce running costs and lessen CO₂ emissions. The NRTC enables us to simulate real life site conditions and has become a valuable training resource both for our engineers and for our customers. Globally, it was the first facility of its kind and has set the standard for others to follow both nationally and internationally.