The drive towards net zero is seeing the largest uptake of renewable technologies we have ever seen to replace fossil fuel heating systems. At Arctic Circle, we have developed a range of products that provide air-to-water, water-to-water, and simultaneous heating and cooling energy recovery systems capable of meeting your space heating, potable hot water and chilled water requirements.


Whether a localised food store or a regional shopping centre, our flexibility of design allows scalable heating, potable hot water and chilled water production as a stand-alone system or energy recovery simultaneous operation. Create a more comfortable environment for your customers with renewable technologies or recover the energy from cooling processes to meet heating requirements.


Replacing ageing fossil fuel heating systems is paramount to reducing the environmental footprint of your hotel, place of entertainment or office and continuing to comply with building regulations. Move towards net zero and achieve maximum energy efficiency with renewable heat pump technology that can take advantage of existing maintained water loops, as well as air to water and simultaneous heating and cooling energy recovery systems.

Public Sector

Our high-quality products support meeting government specifications with ease. Use our heat pumps to provide space heating, cooling and potable hot water throughout schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and healthcare centres, offices, accommodation, military, and transport. Arctic Circle is registered for safe contractors.


With consistently high cooling and hot water demands, energy use is always crucial within the leisure sector. Investigate how our simultaneous heating and cooling energy recovery systems can reuse waste heat. Utilise one system to provide cooling, heating and potable hot water to reduce your energy consumption and reduce your environmental footprint.

District & Communal

With our continuous drive towards net zero, many cities are adopting district and communal heat networks to improve the efficiency of the built environment. In doing so a well designed system along with efficient plant is at the heart of these systems. Arctic Circle can offer a heat pump solution to compliment any heat network, boasting market leading efficiencies through bespoke design to suit the application. Multiple source, high temperature, low noise and fully packaged are just a few of many options available, all designed, manufactured and supported in the UK. Contact our sales team for more information.