Arctic Circle is proud to be at the cutting edge of the technological development and design taking place in the refrigeration industry. Our scalable products with a flexibility of design allow us to cover most industry sectors with a range of environmental benefits.

Food Retail

Cost-effective, reliable refrigeration is integral for maintaining the food chain that we are so accustomed to.  Discover how you can reduce operating costs, move towards environmental targets, and increase your storage space with innovative cutting-edge design such as our transcritical booster system utilising a number of compressor types for different applications, including CO2 scroll technology.


Food production, product manufacturing, nuclear bunkers and climatic test chambers are just some of the applications that we supply industrial refrigeration systems for. The quality of a product is paramount to its success, and this is guaranteed with advanced process cooling capabilities. A good example of this is the innovative Arctic Aurora, a standalone low temperature natural refrigeration solution optimised for efficiency with a dynamic resilience control. The pack incorporates a patent-pending control strategy which ensures the two compressor stages work seamlessly together to guarantee that the compressors are always available to run.


As an approved NHS supplier, we supply a bespoke range of refrigeration equipment for plasma blast freezers and cold storage units across some of the sector’s biggest names. Our customers have benefitted from financial savings while reducing their environmental footprint and increasing the reliability of their appliances.


Refining the cooling process can reduce the potential for spoiling with a variety of energy-efficient refrigeration systems. Precooling, blast chillers, dairy chillers and refrigerated cold storage are among the types of systems we design that can be used to extend the shelf life of perishable food products, improve yields, and maintain product quality.